July 10, 2007

Random Encounters

Random Encounter #1: I was taking my usual walk at lunch today and came upon a woman in the park who was surrounded by 7 children under 5 years of age rolling around on the grass (I'm hoping she ran a daycare, as opposed to having 2 sets of twins + 3 kids). Anyhow, three of the little tykes were crawling through this cylindrical tunnel that looked like an massive slinky covered in fabric. Resisiting the urge to join the young ones in their fun, I settled for smiling and saying hello to one of the little boys who looked to be about 2. Here's how it went:

Me: Hi!
2 year-old: Well, hello (smiling sweetly)
Me: How are you? (laughing)
2 year-old: I'm fine thank you, how are you?
Me: I'm well! (astonished, still laughing)

First off, who talks this way anymore? Secondly, what kind of 2 year-old has such polite manners and proper sentence structure? Okay, maybe he was 3. Nevertheless, it made my afternoon.

Random Encounter #2: A virtual encounter on Facebook. A big, buff man who looks like a champion kickboxer sends me a message wondering if I have any relatives in Fraser Lake. I reply that no, I do not know anyone from Fraser Lake, nor do I know him come to that. We have not had any further communication. Right.

Random Encounter #3: I was having post-work drinks and appies at Earl's and one of my colleagues' friends from salsa class stopped by our table and sat down next to me. He was a very artistic and passionate Spaniard and when I mentioned my failed attempts at learning to speak Spanish, he informed me that perhaps I was "too smart" and that learning a new language has nothing to do with logic, but "is an art, to be learned from the heart." I was rather alarmed and intrigued by this information and am now considering going back to my Spanish textbooks with a closed mind and an open heart. (I wonder what my grammatically correct little 2 year-old would have to say about this).