June 23, 2007

Recent/Upcoming Events

Soul2Soul - Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Eagerly anticipated, this concert did not fail to please. When the two country superstar lovebirds emerged from under the stage singing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars, I knew I was in for a good night. 3 hours of Tim and Faith! Admittedly, there were a few moments of utter cheese and a flock of insane fans knocking people over for a mere touch their idols' outstretched hands. I was also a little perturbed by good ol' Tim tracing his hand across his crotch area as he sang "suntan line," but I can forgive overt sexuality from such a sexy bugger. The question must be asked, however, is he balding beneath that ever-present cowboy hat? Faith was gorgeous and singing those pipes for all they were worth, which one had to sit back and admire, even if a few of her songs are rather generic and uninteresting. A couple of beautiful, talented people that give one something to strive for (well, if you have a buried dream of being a lounge singer like myself, that is).

La La La Human Steps
My friend Lindsay and I are both ex-childhood dancers who still have latent dreams of becoming professionals. To appease this desire, we buy season tickets to Ballet BC's Dance Alive program and the occasional one-off dance performance that rolls into town. One such show was the latest brainchild of Edourd Lock (founder of La La La Human Steps) entitled, Amjad. What a visual and sensual feast, let me tell you! If you ever have a chance to see a show by La La La Human Steps (based out of Montreal) do check it out. (Note: programs are long and quite modern). The level of skill and originality of choreography will blow your mind. Highlights included and man dancing en pointe, film projections on circular screens and live music on stage that almost rivalled the dance. You'll feel very cultured and artsy amongst the creatively attired audience members. Wear a feather in your hat or something.

Coming up ... Year-end Party at Work
I will have to report the goings-on of the upcoming year-end party with my co-workers because a) staff parties are always interesting and/or ridiculous, and b) the Christmas party culminated in a group of teachers and admin staff playing "I Never ..." in the downstairs bar of the Hotel Vancouver. Does one really need to know the sexual proclivities of one's co-workers? Perhaps not, but it's oh so fun to gossip about. Stay tuned!


  1. Back from the 3 month hiatus! I like it...
    A couple of thoughts:

    1) How do women find that McGraw banger attractive?
    2) Baby, isn't that the way that love's suppose to be
    I can feel you breathe
    3) I want a running diary of your year-end party at work.

  2. I really can't tell you why McGraw is so sexy. Perhaps because he's buff AND sensitive? Or perhaps because one has to admire a man that can pull of tight-ass jeans?

    I will deliver on the running diary of the party ...

  3. hey, I was at the concert too! Thought it was lacking something a little more "soulful" given the name, but Faith's pipes were still amazing.

    McGraw is sexy cause he's a cowboy. And b/c you can't see his receding hairline underneath that cowboy hat. LOL.